China University of Mining and Technology "Telling Merit Scholarship" Award Ceremony and Exchange Sy


On the afternoon of January 4, 2022, the 2020-2021 academic year"Telling Merit Scholarship" award ceremony and exchange symposium ofthe School of Safety Engineering of China University of Mining and Technology(hereinafterreferred to as "CUMT") was held in the A412 lecture hall of theMining Science Center of CUMT. Dean of the School of Safety Engineering WangEnyuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Sun Liutao, Deputy Dean WangLiang and the award-winning students attended the ceremony. Mr. Zhang Qing,chairman of Shanghai Telling Security Technology Co., Ltd. ( hereinafterreferred to as "Shanghai Telling"), and other leaders of the companywere invited to attend.


At the beginning of the event, Dean Wang Enyuan delivered a speechon behalf of the school. First of all, he expressed his gratitude for theestablishment of the "Telling Merit Scholarship" of Shanghai Telling.Then he emphasized that school-enterprise cooperation is the general directionnow and only by forming close cooperation with enterprises can the students behelped to master the latest and most cutting-edge industry technology andaccess more and broader learning platforms. Finally, he encouraged the award-winningstudents to hold the dreams, use knowledge to replenish their strength, goforward courageously and he wished them a bright future.


Dean of School of Safety Engineering-Wang Enyuan

Chairman Zhang Qing, as the representative of the award-setting organizers,congratulated Yu Ziming and other 9 award-winning students. Mr. Zhang introducedthe original intention of the Telling Merit Scholarship and the current overalloperation of Shanghai Telling. He encouraged the students to learn to think,improve their cultivation, and accumulate wisdom, so that their ideals can bethe beacon of life, they can serve the motherland with outstanding performance,and become talents who can adapt to the changes of the times. He also welcomedstudents to join Shanghai Telling, either as intern or as employee, and to growand develop together with the company. In the future, Shanghai Telling willalso strengthen in-depth cooperation with CUMT, promote the integration ofindustry and education, and the integration of knowledge and action, so thatstudents can truly feel the prospects of the industry, and demonstrate thevalue of "school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education".

The establishment of the "Telling Scholarship" of theSchool of Safety Engineering of CMUT is a concrete manifestation of Shanghai Telling’smission of fulfilling social responsibility and giving back to the society withgratitude. The form of the scholarship stimulates the enthusiasm of students inlearning, and plays a triple education effect of "material reward,spiritual encouragement and value guidance" for the recipient students.


Chairman Zhang Qing awarded honorarycertificates to the award-winning students

Yu Ziming from Class 1 of the 2019 Fire Fighting Class made a speechon behalf of the award-winning students. He introduced his academic study inthe past year and expressed his gratitude to Shanghai Telling for the establishmentof the scholarship. He said that Shanghai Telling's actions to help students ofthe CUMT and the development of CUMT are solemn and great, and he was honoredto be a beneficiary.



Taking this scholarship cooperation as anopportunity, Shanghai Telling and the School of Safety Engineering of CUMTlaunched a series of in-depth cooperation. Zhang Qing, Chairman of Shanghai Telling,Qi Wen, an expert from Research Center for File Safety Risk Prevention andControl under Institute for Urban Risk Management, Tongji University, GuTianfu, Deputy General Manager of QEH (Shanghai) Consultancy Services Co.,Ltd. andYu Bolei, HR Manager of Shanghai Telling were appointed as Innovative andentrepreneurial mentor for the students of the School of Safety Engineering of CUMT.And the mentors exchanged ideas with the award-winning students and studentrepresentatives on the spot, answered their various doubts about their studies,career, and life planning, and helped the students sort out a clearer career developmentdirection and life goal.


图片    Brief introduction of the School of SafetyEngineering, China University of Mining and Technology   

The predecessor of the School of SafetyEngineering of China University of Mining and Technology was the MineVentilation and Safety Teaching and Research Office of the Coal MiningDepartment of Beijing Institute of Mining and Technology, which was founded in1952. In November 2007, the school decided to establish the School of SafetyEngineering based on the national key disciplines of safety technology andengineering. The school currently has two undergraduate majors, safetyengineering and fire protection engineering, ranking first in the professionalevaluation rankings of domestic authoritative institutions. The safetyengineering major has passed the acceptance of the first batch of"provincial brand majors" in Jiangsu Province and has now become anational level "The second type of specialty construction point." The"Safety Science and Engineering" of the school is a nationalfirst-level discipline and the country's first batch of "doublefirst-class" construction disciplines. In 2012, it ranked first in thecountry in the discipline evaluation. In 2017, the fourth round of disciplineevaluation results in the country was A+.