Shanghai Telling held the 2021 year-end commendation meeting


The Spring Festival is coming. On theoccasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, let's count thejoy of harvest in the past year. In this year, the company has developedsteadily. In this year, Telling people have been growing. In order to commendthe advanced, the company specially held a commendation meeting.


Let's take a look at some good role models

OutstandingEmployee Award

Cao Yang, Zhang Zhongrui, Wang Jian, HuMengfa, Zhu Jian, Li Long


Outstanding employee representative - CaoYang

Outstanding Team Award



Outstanding Team Award Representative - XuLian

Sinceits establishment in 2007, Telling has had batch after batch of outstanding oldemployees who are conscientious, loyal and dedicated. The following are the oldemployees who won the award in 2021.

DecadeEmployee Award

ZhangJianguo, Zhu Caiwei


Ten years of employees - Zhu Caiwei, ZhangJianguo

Five-yearemployee award

ChengGang, Wang Jian, Wang Weijia, He Caiquan, Liu Yong, Yu Jianjun, Zhang Aizhong


Award recipients - Yu Jianjun, Cheng Gang,Wang Weijia

Three-yearemployee award

DouAihua, Chen Hanwen, Ruan Zheng, Feng Bin, Gao Wenzhuo, Zhang Zhongrui,

HuMengfa, Cai Ruifeng, Wang Senhao, Meng Hao, Li Guilin, Sun Hao, Qi Yufu,

XiaoFei, Li Xiang, Zhang Lian, Chen Weidong, Meng Lu

We learn from excellence, and also applaudour partners who stick to their posts, work hard, and pursue their dreams thisyear.

In addition to the awards, we are lookingforward to the annual meeting, dinner and lucky draw. However, due to theepidemic situation, it can only be carried out on a small scale. Look, thechairman came to Lingang with the lottery box. Congratulations to the partnersof the Lingang project.



Westand in the same boat, forge ahead, do solid work, forge ahead bravely, andcontinue to refuel in 2022!