Telling People | Work together to fight the epidemic and ensure safety, and pay tribute to Telling P


In the face of this sudden COVID19epidemic, the fight against the epidemic is a national war without bystanders.In the face of the extremely severe epidemic situation in Shanghai, Tellingpeople also dedicated their strength in this battle and used their ownpractical actions and   interpreted theresponsibilities of practitioners in the fire protection industry.

China Aviation Development Project (LiShunfeng, Ruan Zheng)

New energy vehicle factory project (zhangjiahua, Yan Hua, MaChaojie, Yin Jiangbin, Yin Zhizheng, Wang Hao, Liu Pengwei, Ding Wenbo, ZhangWenhai, Wang Shijie)

Jita Semiconductor Project (Gao Wenzhuo, Xu Bin)

Data center of a large foreign enterprise inWaigaoqiao (Yang Haofei)

DowChemical Project (Zhang Taohua)


In order to cooperate with the preventionand control of the epidemic, each community and each project have implementedclosure and control management. Most of the customers have also stoppedproduction, but some customers' production equipment is still in operation. Inorder to ensure the safety of these customers' facilities, our practitionerscan only eat and sleep on the project. During the day, it is our office, and atnight, the quilt on the ground is their bed. They use their own actions tointerpret the responsibility and mission to ensure the safety of the city.

Let's pay tribute to the angels in white on the frontline of the fight against the epidemic, to all the epidemic prevention workers,and to Telling people who goes upstream!